Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That's a Wrap

It's time to bring the public side of this blog to a close. I've never allowed comments on this blog because I really don't care what others think. I've seen how anonymous posters both over-hype and tear down kids on places like Volleytalk, and I didn't want to get into the mud with Trolls-especially when it comes to my kid.

This has always been a happy-happy-joy-joy approach blog. Since the outset, I've never wanted to offend anybody...even New Mexico State fan. I look on this blog now, and it's clearly become just a shill for UTEP volleyball. Folks can go elsewhere for that. Facebook has exciting links to press releases and event announcements, or you can go to the UTEP Athletics site for two-year old photos and other dated and inaccurate pap.

Whether you were a hacker from Thailand trying to figure out how to raid a bank account through this blog, or you were that coach at William & Mary who told Jacquie you weren't interested, but then visited the site repeatedly the next several weeks, thanks for stopping by. This was a fun thing to do and it leaves me with a nice scrapbook of Jacquie's college recruiting experience.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The X-Factor

She's Xitlali Herrera from far off Mexico. I dig this video-especially the music.

The Miners will be much more physical this season. I also think the attack will be far less predictable. Solid defense from Victoria and Stephanie means crisp passes that give the setter the chance to do something more than go left. Can't wait to see the Miners run the slide and set the pipe this season.

One Week to Go!

The Miners will scrimmage today at 4pm in Memorial Gym.

The season starts next Friday night in El Paso. Jacquie tweaked her ankle a few weeks ago. Hopefully, she'll be near 100% for the season opener on Friday night.

Preseason observations from a daughter of very few words:
  • The refurbished locker room is lush
  • The Valencia/Figueroa defensive tandem has been outstanding
  • Newcomer Xitlali Herrera is unstoppable on the slide and puts up a great block
  • Freshman Talia Jones is the real deal
  • Jeane Horton may start the season at OH instead of MB
  • Jacquie has been playing a lot of back row in preseason
  • Yesterday was picture day and the weather was windy and rainy-perfect hair tossed in every direction made for some cranky Miner Vb divas
  • All #15 has time for right now is playing ball, ankle rehab, eating, sleeping and Netflix movie marathons