Monday, March 21, 2011

Springtime Miners Vball

The Miners are heading to Tucson this Saturday, March 29 to join a vball gaggle. Teams scheduled to appear include...
1. Arizona
2. Arizona State University (2 teams)
3. Northern Arizona University
4. University of New Mexico
5. New Mexico State University
6. University of Texas El Paso
7. Grand Canyon University
8. Yavapai Junior College
9. Embry-Riddle

April 9, the Miners travel to the Big 4-H for a deja vu tourney that will include UA and New Mexico, and maybe other schools that haven't been announced yet

April 16 finds the Miner in Albuquerque to complete the spring trifecta with the Lobos

Jacquie completed her shoulder rehab and was cleared to play on the last day of practice before spring break. She'll have this week to get into some playing shape before the trip to Tucson.

Melissa Toth has left the team and will be looking to transfer after the semester. Best of luck to Melissa on finding the right fit for the rest of your college career.

If MT Joyce is moving to MB, this leaves the Miners thin on the left side with only Bridget Logan and Taylor Nix on the spring roster.

Looking forward to July and seeing Madison Morris and Ashley Peak join to the squad.