Friday, May 6, 2011

New UTEP Recruits for 2011

Two announced signees and possibly two more to come. The first is Talia Jones, an OH from Phoenix's AZ Storm volleyball club. Here's a YouTube video of her. Not real tall, but she definitely wants the first ball on defense. She's also fearless on the pipe.

The second is an OH transfer from Eastern Washington University named Esther Warren. She's a Fort Worth, Texas kid who Ken recruited last year. I might understand a part of why she might have left. Jacquie sent Eastern Washington's head coach, Miles Kydd, an email in the early spring of her junior year. In his response, Miles wanted to know was who else was unsigned at that time on her Spiral club team. Sure Miles, Jacquie would be happy to do your scouting for you...AssHat.

There will also be a walk-on DS from El Paso joining the team next year. Another possible is an OH from Mexico. No idea as to names at this time.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jacquie's Conference USA Commissioner's Medal

Sweeter than something a third-world dictator might wear.